Hedefine Engineering & Design, Inc.

Engineering Solutions for Maine

Hedefine Engineering & Design is a Maine design firm. We are committed to personal and responsive service to our clients and community. We understand that engineering solutions must not only be technically correct, but also reflect the needs and sensitivities of our clients and the surrounding community.

We further understand that a firm commitment to the health of our environment is part of our responsibility and thus we are proud to have two LEED accredited design professionals on our staff.

We provide our clients with sensible engineering solutions by combining a solid understanding of engineering principles, years of experience, modern methods and technology and a practical, reasonable approach to engineering design. Our services include: land use planning documents; Federal, State and local permitting; storm-water analysis; Stormwater Management plans, roadway and walkway designs, utility design; and structural engineering. We are also committed to providing our clients with full-service construction phase assistance to help them monitor the implementation of their particular solution.

Our clients include colleges, school districts, the National Park Service, design professionals, municipalities, tribal governments and private developers. We are experienced with: land development; design and construction of schools, office buildings and housing developments; roadway and utility designs; and the various site permitting requirements for these types of projects including Site Location of Development Permits, Storm-water permits and NRPA permitting. We are also committed to coordinated, collaborative designs which draw on the strengths of various disciplines for comprehensive solutions. We work closely with Funding Agencies, Architects, Landscape Architects, MEP Engineers and other design professionals committed to responsive, responsible design.